•  3G Data Capable
      •  4G Data Capable
      •  Air Gesture
      •  Bluetooth Enabled
      •  Fingerprint Sensor
      •  Global Ready
      •  GPS
      •  Internet Browser
      •  Iris Scanning
      •  Music Player
      •  Near Field Communication
      •  Push to Talk
      •  QWERTY Keyboard
      •  Speakerphone
      •  Touchscreen
      •  TTY Compatible
      •  Voice-Activated Dialing
      •  Wi-Fi Capable
      •  Wireless Charging
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    Prepaid Phone Finder

    Prepaid Phone Finder

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    Apple Iphone 4S 32Gb Unlocked
    Apple Iphone 4S 32Gb Unlocked
    $132.50 (27 Bids)
    Time Remaining: 59m

    We’ve all experienced high-soaring monthly cell phone bills in the past. Some may even be experiencing this dilemma until as we speak. This problem can be eliminated by making a shift to prepaid cell phone use. Prepaid cell phones enable users to manage their own cellular phone utilization and practices. This means a substantial decrease in cell phone costs and expenses.

    Why shift to prepaid cell phone use?
    • Prepaid cell phones are ideal solutions for consumers who are tied to their carrier. With a myriad of communication options nowadays, cell phone use has decreased in recent years. For people who manage to be online most of the time, use of cell phones is unnecessary as they can easily send and receive messages through instant message and social networking sites. Occasional users of cell phone are those who need to text or call while on business trips and travels.
    • It is obviously more difficult for consumers with a not-so-pretty credit report to apply for post-paid plans from major network providers. A prepaid cell phone solves this problem, without having to reduce the features that a consumer may need. Prepaid cell phone application and purchasing is hassle-free making it possible for even those who have bad credit to purchase one as well.
    • If you would like to test out the features and capabilities of a network provider, you may opt to try out their prepaid cell phones first. Being tied to a 2-year contract is no joke, especially if your plan is fully-packed with features that you do not necessarily need for personal use.